Thursday, January 5, 2017

Are You Paying Too Much for Vegetable Seeds?

Today is January 4th. While most people are thinking about their New Year's resolutions or how much they over indulged on food and drink during the holiday gardeners should also take some time to think about their spring garden. Yes, spring in January.  Here is a photo I took at Dollar Tree today.

My nephew made an interesting observation. He said "there is a larger selection" then when he purchased seeds last summer. He's right, this display was just put up a day or two ago.  Once the savvy gardeners get word all of the most popular seeds will be gone. I picked up 8 packs for a total of $2.00.


Right about now you are probably asking yourself if these seeds will still germinate this spring.  The answer is yes.

See by post Save Money on Seeds

If you keep your seeds away from heat and moisture they should be fine. I also checked the sell by date.

By purchasing your seeds now you are more likely to find what you want to plant this spring.  You will also save money, seeds are always more expensive during spring and early summer because the demand is at it's peak.

Here is a short video on ways for gardeners to save on their first garden.

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  1. I love those cheap American Seed packets! I've used them for years, always with good results. A few other quick tips for saving money on seed: save your seed from year to year in the crisper drawer of the fridge--many kinds of seed will last for years this way, trade seed with friends or online, and save your own seed from your garden.

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  3. Thanks Janet,those are great tips. I have also started saving seeds. I grew a few cantaloupe with the seeds I saved from the previous year.
    Thanks you for your comment.