Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Composting is Easy

Several years ago there was a book titled You are What You Eat. People are thinking more about what they put into their bodies these days but are they thinking about the soil that food comes from and what's in it?

I have been composting for a few years now. I use small bins and have learned to be more selective about what I add to my compost. Why? Because your compost goes into the soil that grows the food you will eventually eat.

There are some who advise gardeners to add things such as newspapers and lint from your clothes dryer to compost. I am not here to dispute those who do however I believe that using more organic materials will give
you a superior grade of compost that will perform better in your garden. The photos above are actual pictures of what I have been using this fall. Lots of leaves and grass clippings.

This is how my bin looks today. In part two I will give you a breakdown of what I have added over the summer. 

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