Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Getting an Early Start on Your Garden

Most gardeners up north began planting in early May when the danger of frost, for the most part, has passed. I like to start early in the season and end late usually October. My two secret weapons are plastic bags and thermometers.

It's the first week in April. I have already planted onions and red potatoes. I have also purchased a new blueberry plant which makes a total of four.

The photo on the left shows a tomato cage I bought a few years ago for $3.00. I will still use it this summer but for now, it's doing double duty since I am using it as a frame to hold the plastic cover in place.

Starting your growing season early requires a tad more attention that growing during the summer. Temperature fluctuations can vary as much as forty degrees in some cases.  This is why your second tool will be a thermometer. You only need one and it doesn't have to be expensive.

I purchased the thermometer on the left at the dollar store. The process is simple. Place the thermometer under the plastic with the plant. It does not matter how many pots you are using as long as they are in the same area.  On sunny days you may need to vent the plants. In the heat of day check the temperature. If the reading is above 85 you will need to open or remove the plastic to prevent your plants from overheating. It is important that you remember to re-cover your plants before the temps drop at night. That's really all that's to it.
You will also find that by using this hothouse method you will need to use less water.

If the temperature is expected to take a drastic drop overnight you may need to bring your pots into a covered area like a garage or porch.

By using this same method in the fall I am able to harvest a few more vegetables before the end of the season.

If you have a lawn you probably already have them on hand.  This is the size and thickness I use.

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What you don’t know could cost you

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